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Thanks again for a “JOB WELL DONE”

Dear Robin,


I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the professionalism you and your staff displayed in providing me with the investigative efforts used in my recent divorce case.


Since I am a retired military officer I found it very difficult to trust any firm with personal information which would be used in a divorce proceeding.  After our initial meeting I felt very comfortable with the safeguards in place to insure privacy and your ability to “do the job.”


The ability of your staff to overcome obstacles in conducting surveillance in the north Georgia mountains was outstanding.  The lack of cell phone coverage in the Elijay and Dolenega area was certainly difficult but the fact that you had sufficient staff to maintain visual contact was a credit to your planning for the unexpected.


Thanks again for a “JOB WELL DONE”

Locate of a Long Lost Loved One

From Kathy M.
It’s hard to believe we found him. With out their help and dedication, it just would not have happened. I really appreciate their professionalism and commitment to both Jimmie and Me. The way they personally care about how to connect us was really appreciated. Once MII said, “We found him” I had no idea how to proceed.


With their help and guidance Jimmie and I were able to speak by phone that night, and then to top it off, Jimmie flew to Las Cruces to meet my brother Glenn I. Jimmie’s wife Christy and Son Cody flew here soon after.To have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other along with sharing stories and pictures, we not only connected but also were touched by how similar each other’s lives are.


The happiness MII have brought to Jimmie, our extended families, and me is morth than I could have ever hoped for. MII’s Talent, professionalism and knack for finding lock lost loved ones were instrumental in our union. I thank MII from the bottom of my heart for helping me find my brother.I hope Martinelli Investigations Inc. will consider helping others find loved ones. This type of investigative team who could help bring loved ones together; MII made the process easy. Robin, you are a special woman your community and clients are fortunate to have some one like you in their corner. I consider it an honor to have worked with you and will return to you in a heartbeat if I am ever in search of a long loste d loved one again.Oh and you can be assured I mention your firm whenever I share about our families amazing reunion with Jimmie. Thank you Robin, and Thank You Martinelli Investigations Inc.

Process Serving

From Noel L. Hurley, The Hurley Law Firm

Needed last minute service in domestic case and she came through wonderfully!  Already permanently appointed so no additional motions needed and easy to work with. Thank you!

Peter, Kathryn, Alex, Hannah and Jake


I want to thank Robin for the care that Martinelli Investigations Inc. to my family at a time of enormous stress and heart ache in our lives.
Robin and her associates when way above and beyond the call of duty. Never before in my life have I met people who would drop their lives to make my problem their problem.


I can’t begin to tell you how MII’s professionalism, timing, understanding, attention to detail and their knowledge made a horrendous situation so much better than it could have been.
You found and protected my daughter and for that I’m eternally grateful.



I Cannot Describe In Words How Thankful I Am


Dear Robin,


When I contacted you for the first time four months ago I was in dire need of help. I was miles away and a family I was very close to was unknowingly associating with a very bad person. I didn’t know what I could do, who could possibly help them. It was the most helpless feeling in the world. By luck or God’s intervention I found you online when I simply googled “Private Investigators near Atlanta Georgia.”


You put in countless hours, working your tail off always thinking of the safety of that family. I could tell that you honestly cared. You also showed patience to me, when I know at times you had a million other things going on. You took the time to explain where you were at in the investigation. When you hit a roadblock, you went around it or sometimes even through it, never stopping until the truth was exposed 100%.


Sometimes I’m sure you feel like you have a very under appreciated job. You saved a family’s life, who knows where they would be at now if it wasn’t for you. I can’t describe in words how thankful I am of the job you did, simply perfect!


Thank you Thank you Thank you


Trent B.

Public Speaking


From Georgia Davidson, Program Advisor Emory Continuing Education 


I want to thank Martinelli Investigations Inc. again for speaking to the Emory Paralegal Certificate students in both Alpharetta and Briarcliff. Their willingness to provide their time and expertise (and free DVDs) was extremely generous, and much appreciated!


Some of our students are new to the legal profession, while others are currently employed in the legal field. However, they all need to be reminded of the importance of planning ahead and thinking strategically, which MII demonstrated through the “real life” examples and stories they shared.


Martinelli Investigations Inc.’s discussion of the rules governing process servers and private investigators, and the opportunities the field has to offer was also very beneficial for our students to hear.


It would be our pleasure to have MII speak to our students again, and perhaps engage our students in a mock investigation or service of process scenario!


Thank you so much, and we hope to see you again soon.

Extremely Grateful


From Michael B.


I am extremely grateful for everything Robin and her team did for me. I Googled private investigator and Martinelli was the top hit that came up and I’m glad I went with them. Overall I’m satisfied and strongly recommend their services to anyone.

Extremely Helpful


From Tonya C.


Martinelli investigations has been extremely helpful in a difficult case. They are professional and highly qualified. When first contacting Robin Martinelli, she was at my house within ten minutes. She and her staff continue to work on my case-

Missing Child


From. Kalli M.


Robin Martinelli and her staff have been amazing to work with. They have assisted us in finding a missing child. Our family will be forever grateful for all of her determination and loving support. Thanks to Martinelli Investigations our family is complete again.

Custody Case


From Jordon D.


Always answers, always produces! My child custody case would be nothing without Martinelli Investigation! I have amazing proof, and have an awesome experience.

Taken Child


From Roberto V.


Wow where do I even begin?? Last year my family encountered a tragedy where my son was taken by his mother and never received communication again! In disbelief and unaware of how to proceed with this situation I looked and looked to see who would be able to help my family and I! It was like a cry for help to anyone that would take my story and actually do something about it, the blessing came when I finally met with robin and her team! As soon as I met with robin on the first encounter the ball started moving, the faith started to kick in, the actually belief that I may actually see my beautiful son again actually started to set in! Months and months and months went by where robin and her team worked their butt off to even get a glimpse of where my little boy could be until finally July 2017 came around and they had found him in Arizona! Not only did robin find him but she also hopped on a plane with me and spent multiple days out of town with me in desperation to get Kayden my son back into our arms! With the resilience and non stop effort by her we managed to finally get Peoria police department and Maricopa county courts to give us what we needed to obtain my son! As I sit here and write this tears start to fall down my face but not tears of sadness, actual tears of joy that I can finally be a part of his life like I dreamed of since the day he was taken! Without the service of robin Martinelli and her team my son and I wouldn’t be sitting here next to each other living the beautiful life that we are!! I have the upmost respect for her and her team and I recommend that anyone that is going through anything in life that they don’t know where to turn please please contact her team! Thank you guys for everything you have done for us my family and I greatly appreciate it!!!!!!

Worth Every Penny


From Morgan R.


Ms. Martinelli won a hotly contested custody battle for my client. She gives a beautiful impressive presentation to any courtroom. She is well spoken, knows the law and uses the latest and best technology. She is worth every penny you pay.

Knowledge, Passion and Determination


From Ayla C.


Martinelli Investigations is a reliable company. When you need answers and you have no where else to turn, Robin Martinelli and her staff are dependable and get the job done. Knowledge, passion, and determination makes this company live up their excellent standards.

Quick Response


From Carole W.


Quick response to request. Very nice to be able to speak with person vs. automated answering system. Would highly recommend. Known Robin for many years and she is very professional.

Been a Godsend


From Kamali T.


Mrs. Martinelli has been amazing!!! We were having fits. It had been months and we got absolutely no help from anybody. My sister found this company strictly out of luck and they have been a Godsend.

Missing Relative




I found Martinelli Investigations online when I was looking for a missing relative. Robin and her staff were very helpful, located my niece and got her back to us. She kept us well informed and provided my brother with the compassion and guidance that he needed at that very difficult time. I would use her again ! she is excellent.

I didn’t always agree with Robin but she persisted and was instrumental in a good outcome for our case. Results are what matters!

– Debi H.

Law Explorers


Our experience with Martinelli Investigations was great! They came out and spoke to our group and really inspired us. It was so interesting as studends to learn about what we can do at a young age to make a difference. Mrs. Martinelli and her associates were quite impressive and very cordial and fun to listen to. We are truly inspired. Thank you for doing such a great job in the community!

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